Hands down my favorite summer drink, the mojito is crisp and refreshing without being overly sweet. At the end of a hot summer day with dinner sizzling on the grill, this is what I want. My husband came up with a brilliant, super fast, no fail method to a perfect mojito. We have a mint patch in our backyard that exists for the soul purpose of satisfying our mojito addiction. Don’t laugh…once you’ve tried this out, you just might be doing the same.

mojito 1Mojito

1 sprig fresh mint

2 heaping teaspoons frozen limeade concentrate Carbonated water 1 to 1 1/2 shots of rum (Different varieties lend different flavors.Experiment to find your favorite.)

With a muddler in your glass, or with a mortar and pestle, smash up your mint leaves. This releases all their flavor.

Add limeade concentrate and rum, stir to combine.

Add some ice to your glass and top it all off with carbonated water.

Give it a final stir and taste to see if you want to make any adjustments.

Aah, summer!