107Spring may not be here quite yet, but at Bakeology we are definitely ready for it to be! Once we hit the end of January we call it close enough and excitedly start combing our cupcake menu for varieties that whisper the approach of warm sunshine and bare feet in green grass. Strawberries are always one of the first berries to surface in the spring months, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner we start seeing them in everything from cakes to confections.

Strawberrylicious is a celebration of the strawberry in its entirety…pink strawberry cake topped with pink strawberry buttercream and sprinkled with shimmery white sugar crystals. Pink, pink, pink! The color itself gave inspiration to the name. Andrea’s daughter Diana loves the Pinkalicious book series, and in the first book, Pinkalicious (yes, that’s the heroine’s name) is making pink cupcakes with her mommy. So in all their rosy glory these cupcakes were named Strawberrylicious by Diana herself.

We use real strawberries in the buttercream and a natural strawberry extract in the cupcakes, which gives them their fresh, true to nature strawberry flavor. You can find Strawberrylicious at Unglued this week. We hope they’ll help to banish your winter blahs and keep looking forward to spring’s arrival!